Pliio Clothing Filer™ for tidy drawers

Pliio Storage Box for Clothing Filers

Pliio Clothing Piler™ for neat shelves

  • Fold quickly and easily
  • Keep drawers and shelves organized
  • Put laundry away effortlessly
  • Maximize storage space
  • Live out of your suitcase
  • Fold shirts, pants, sweaters, dresses and scarves

The innovative Pliio Clothing Management System of Clothing Pilers, Clothing Filers and Storage Boxes not only helps you fold your clothes, it keeps them folded. Uniform sizes and structure makes it easier than ever to organize and manage any wardrobe. In fact, kids as young as four can master folding their clothes, and maybe yours, too. Pliio is so easy and fun to use, believe it or not, it makes some people want to fold.

Pliio is perfect for travel making it easy to pack - and unpack - your suitcase. Pop a Pliio-folded shirt in your gym bag, or toss a pashmina in your purse, and carry on with your day, in style.

The Pliio Clothing Management System lets retailers beautifully merchandise their wares effortlessly, and can be offered as a value-added gift-with-purchase or promotional item.

Go ahead, join the thousands of Pliio fans who already fold, file and find their clothes, and get ready to 'show off your drawers'!


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